NYC Graffiti & Street Art
Photos I take in New York.

I also make apparel. My shirts have been featured in Urban Outfitters and stores throughout New York.

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  • How am I supposed to sleep when I can rewatch every episode of the Boondocks

    Sometimes when I smoke I feel sick or light headed. Does that ever happen to you? It usually occurs when I chain smoke

    Asked by Anonymous

    yeah thats cigarettes killing you slowly from the inside

    New York is so incredible. You can walk for an hour straight in the middle of Central Park and not see any buildings, then you get closer to the South end of the park and suddenly skyscrapers start popping up all around you.

    (Source: now-youre-cool)

    for those that have asked about new shirts… it has taken me longer than I wanted to release new stuff because I first pitch everything to Urban Outfitters and some other big retailers. in some instances, they want exclusive deals on the designs. meaning I can’t print them myself and sell them on my website. so its taken a while to go through this process, but I’ve done some new stuff that i’m NOT pitching to any major retailers, so it will be released probably late next week. 

    Are you gonna ever make new shirts???!!!!!?!?!?

    Asked by Anonymous

    yes! within the next week or so there will be a few new tees and tank tops for both men and women… and then a bunch more coming in May/June.

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